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We have a brand new episode on our podcast and it’s a cracker!

Archie Jennings and Bryan Waters sat down, remotely of course, with Jack Hughes, founder of Northern Film Orchestra, and Dan Keen – composer, YouTuber and sample library producer – to discuss their new NFO:ORCHESTRAL SWELLS library that was recently released FOR FREE on Pianobook.

We discussed the origin and process of the project, the nature of the library from a sonic and creative point of view.


Archie shared his experience of using the library to create a demo track which you can hear here:

Designing the GUI

During the discussion Jack shared some of the thoughts and process behind the GUI design and referenced the two designs shown here:


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There’s more to come

The episode is just the first part of our chat, focussed on the library. Part Two will come soon with a wider ranging discussion of sample libraries, trends in music and the orchestra’s story. So come back to hear that soon!

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