The Free Film Scoring Contest With A Heart

How to enter

Step one

Download the entry pack which includes the instructions and unscored video material here.

Step two

Create your music for your chosen video using software such as a DAW like Logic, Reaper, Cubase etc

Step three

Upload your rescored video to YouTube/Vimeo with #scorerelief2022 in the title

Step four

Share your video on Metapop and The Cue Tube platforms by 31/1/22

Let’s make a difference!

Our community raised an amazing $15,000 for Score Relief 2021. Let’s do this year’s charity justice and help war-ravaged communities recover through cultural regeneration with In Place of War. Thank you!

Get your music performed by an orchestra!

Our Prizes

We have incredible prizes this year thanks to the HUGE generosity and support of numerous individuals and organisations

We have educational prizes that will help you develop, we have prizes to transform your library of virtual instruments, we have audio hardware prizes and we have prizes that money simply can’t buy!

As was the case with Score Relief 2021, our prize pool is likely to grow even more during the contest and we are also planning a HUGE surprise this year at the end which will mean chances to win for many more of you! Make sure you follow us for updates!

Our judges

I’m happy to be part of the second Score Relief contest and fundraiser and wish the best of luck to all participants.
Mychael Danna
Oscar-winning composer

Other judges include

More about judging

Other judges include: Colette Brown, the creator of our I Catch You alternative clip for rescoring; Archie Jennings, the original composer for I Catch You; Denizcan Aktas our winner from 2021; Dan Keen, composer, YouTuber and Spitfire Audio in-house composer; Mike Ladouceur, composer and educator; David Logan, composer and educator.

As last year, we appreciate the generosity of our judges in giving their time to support Score Relief. We will undertake an initial shortlisting process, with qualified volunteers under the guidance of The Cue Tube and Northern Film Orchestra, before passing a final shortlist to our ‘headline’ judges. Criteria for judging are set out in the information pack you will receive when you choose to enter.

Good luck to all participants!


Connect with us and our community of composers and other creatives on Discord. It’s a great place to share and get answers to questions on Score Relief 2022 as well as DAWs, plugins, libraries, orchestration and other aspects of media composition. We’ve created a tutorial run-through in case you’re new to Discord, like us!



The contest is completely free to enter ๐Ÿ™‚ Donations are invited to our fundraiser but they are not required for entry.

January 31st 2022

Depending on the number of entries to some extent, our aim is to present the orchestra performances, announce our winners and present some big surprises in our Grande Finale livestream in early March 2022 on YouTube.

It’s entirely up to you but we’d recommend at least considering how it will translate to an orchestra if you’re entering the Spright Fright ‘Orchestral Composition’ category. If you’re not into orchestral composition, it might be better to try the I Catch You ‘General Composition’ category, which has great prizes too.

However, the orchestra will work with the winning composer to translate the piece to the format of the orchestra, so it doesn’t have to be completely pre-prepared for the orchestra.

The configuration of the orchestra is in the competition download. However, you can create what you want and the orchestra will work with you to translate it to orchestra if you win ๐Ÿ™‚

We did a great Q&A session with Northern Film Orchestra and one of our judges last year which remains relevant. You can see it here.

This is not required. If you do win the orchestral prize, it would be helpful but not essential.

Depending on COVID, your location, your experience and a host of other variables, that MIGHT be an option we’d consider. We will discuss that with you if you’re lucky enough to win ๐Ÿ™‚

Sure. Here it is. Mind-blowing stuff!

Due to popular demand we have decided to allow this and will be announcing this across our social media channels through the weekend of Jan 8th.

This is really part of the challenge but we’d recommend looking at some of the winners of last year’s contest, and other contests, as a guide if you’re unsure.

We’re running a fundraiser on the Crowdfunder platform here. Thank you for your donation!

We understand that sometimes you can only give a little, and we’re grateful for that! If you can donate more, but you’re not sure how much, maybe think about your usual hourly rate, or daily rate, at work and donate the equivalent, effectively working to help others for that period! At the end of the day, it’s entirely your choice and we appreciate every donation.

One of the reasons we’re really excited about In Place of War is that we are establishing a long term partnership with them.

This means that we will be able to see exactly how the money is used. We will share a talk with Emma from IPOW during the course of the competition, explaining more about the plans for the money. It’ll be on our YouTube channel.

IPOW focus on working with individuals in communities that have been affected by war, who are trying to make a difference but need help/resources to make their vision a reality. This is very different from organisations who go in to an area and decide what change is needed and we love that! We also hope that there will be opportunities for communication and collaboration between members of The Cue Tube’s global creative community and those projects and communities that have projects which are supported by Score Relief 2022. How awesome would that be?!

Sure! We’d appreciate a credit of course but otherwise, knock yourself out!

When you have your finished video, first upload it to YouTube (or Vimeo). If you don’t want it to be public, you can make it ‘unlisted’ but it can’t be ‘private’ or we won’t see it. Please put #scorerelief2022 in the title

Then you will need to share on the metapop platform. Metapop have kindly supported Score Relief 2022 with prizes and more. It’s free to use. The link is here.

The final stage is to log into The Cue Tube and share your video. Instructions for doing that are in this video.

Thanks for taking part and GOOD LUCK!

This is a moving target but there’s a good ‘start’ to this list in our download pack which you will receive when you choose to enter Score Relief. However, the prize pool is growing regularly, which is pretty exciting, right?!

The best bet is probably to join our Discord server. Some questions will already have been discussed there or you can use the ‘support’ section to ask us a question. Alternatively, contact us using the form on this website ๐Ÿ™‚