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We're thrilled to be a part of the o-region #60secondfilmchallenge2021 which runs until August 1st. If you're a filmmaker, and thinking of taking part in this great short film competition, take a look at our incredible community of 5677 members, predominantly composers, many of whom would welcome the chance to collaborate on an entry for this amazing contest. Joining our community is free and gives you access to our members, to their 4196 portfolio pieces and to our user forum. More details here. Good luck to all participants!

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Our podcast for composers, sound designers, filmmakers and interested parties, is growing fast. Listen on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts. #4 is a fantastic discussion with Ziv Kitaro, of game development company Whaleapp, discussing the game industry and the role of composers.


We have a great FREE resource for sound designers: Free clips for you to download, edit and put in your portfolio here on The Cue Tube, seen by our community of 5677 filmmakers, composers and sound designers.


The Cue Tube website is currently undergoing a significant upgrade to better cater for the needs of our 5677 members. While this work continues, you can register, access our library and community, engage with members and build your portfolio as normal.

If you are a filmmaker, video producer, game developer or other party and you need to find a composer, please message us and we will help you to find the best composer possible from within our community of over 4417 enthusiastic and talented composers worldwide.

A quick word about #scorerelief2021

At the start of the year, we ran Score Relief 2021, our film scoring competition and charity fundraiser. We received over 1800 entries and raised over £10,000 in donations in support of the Backup Hardship fund, helping entertainment industry technical workers during the pandemic.
Denizcan Aktaş' winning score, which as a prize was performed and recorded by Northern Film Orchestra, is presented here. The full story of Score Relief 2021 is here and the five prize-winning scores are presented here.


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