The Cue Tube is not only a FILM PRODUCTION COMPANY making films for sound designers and composers to use, it’s not just a library of un-scored clips and it’s not just competitions, masterclasses and opportunities…it’s all of these things but it’s ALSO a wonderful community of like-minded creatives from around the world, all sharing the journey, inspiring and supporting each other, all at different stages and all with different strengths and weaknesses that form a wonderful web!

We have professors, students, award-winners and newbies, working professionals and hobbyists and you can tailor our resources to suit your needs. Our members have had the opportunity to have their work heard by the likes of Mychael Danna, Guy Michelmore, Christian Henson, Carlos Rafael Rivera, Sarah Warne, Nainita Desai and more! Winners of our competitions have gone on to bigger and better things, helped by their successes and experiences.

See examples of work by our community here and here, using resources we provided.

We have great relationships with education, and we know for sure that many students from places like Leeds Conservatoire, The Royal College of Music, Berklee and others use our resources in their study and professional development.

Our Discord server is a great place to meet peers, get answers to your DAW, instrument, composition, networking and other questions.
We organise offline meet-ups, screenings, livestreams and more, to bring our community together.

As a member, not only do you support our ability to create more, and better, resources and connections for you, but you benefit with HUGE discounts (up to 100% off) our resources and other opportunities.  We regularly announce big opportunities to save on resources from specialist education providers such as Mike Ladouceur, Zach Heyde and others.  We have close working relationships with Northern Film Orchestra, FAME’S Project and composers in Hollywood, the UK and around the world.

Grow with us as we make The Cue Tube into THE place for composers, sound designers and the film, TV and game producers who need them!

COMING SOON: Free sample bundle to try before you commit.


As a CREATOR member, you will get a full 100% discount on the majority of assets in our library. Our fully-licensed asset bundles for media composers and sound designers generally include:

  • HD or 4K un-scored video with/without BITC
  • Seperate WAV files for dialogue, effects, voiceover, sometimes with alternative takes
  • Spotting sheet for optional ‘writing to a brief’ practice
  • Temp track
  • Demo score
  • Demo score walkthrough video
  • MIDI packs, audio stems and Logic Pro project files for our demo score, for a deep dive into a professional score.
  • A unique hashtag to enable you to find other re-scores, compare yours and be found by others.

We will also give you one piece of written/video feedback each month for one of your chosen compositions, up to 60 seconds of music, from Archie (composer perspective) and Bryan (video creator/director perspective). We can’t wait to hear your work!

All bundles are fully licensed for use in your practice, coursework and portfolio/showreel building and most of them include an original demo score by The Cue Tube by a professional composer as an illustration of how the clip could be approached.  The temp track is generally the track that we used during the creation of the clip, which can also be a useful and inspiring reference for newcomers to the world of media composition.

We can help you create an attention-grabbing showreel, such as this one we did.

[Spotting sheets are an invaluable aid in developing the ability to write to a brief, an often overlooked and underestimated, but essential skill for working as a media composer in the film, TV and gaming industries.]

Each month we release a new clip, we will do a livestream review on YouTube of compositions submitted by members for new clips and provide opportunities to win something during those livestreams.

COMING Q2 2024: We will be rolling out incredible bonus content, exclusive for members above and beyond the materials that we share on our YouTube channel, to help you learn and grow.

Get our CREATOR resources to help you grow quickly towards your goal!

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If you’re a student, ask your teachers, tutors, professors, department heads about us.

We work with schools, universities, conservatoires and other institutions to help provide free access for students to help with practice, coursework and a final project.

Ask your institution to contact us today so we can organise free access for you and your peers.

Students from prestigious institutions around the world use our resources, including those from