I’m Bryan Waters, the founder of The Cue Tube, and I’m very glad to see you here and to welcome you to our incredible creative community!  I’m glad that you found us!

The Cue Tube is a global community of composers and aspiring composers for film, TV and gaming, as well as sound designers.  We help composers and sound designers to develop and access opportunities, and our community is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in finding composers and sound designers for projects. We have almost 14,000 members worldwide since forming in summer 2020. We provide resources such as education, unscored videos to use , networking events, competitions and more for composers and sound designers. Many resources are free, or very inexpensive, to use a we believe in the strength of a large community and in the principle of helping as many people as we can, regardless of their circumstances.

Highlights so far include two amazing Score Relief contests that gave opportunities for composers to have their music performed and recorded for free by a professional orchestra, whilst raising much-needed money for arts charities (£15,000 so far), and the launch of Cue Tube Pictures and the production of our first short film, funded in large part by this community and starring none other than Tara Fitzgerald (Game of Thrones).

We help filmmakers, game developers and others to find the ideal composers and sound designers for their projects. If you need a composer/sound designer or bespoke music, feel free to contact us, or start reaching out to our community via our Discord server. Reach out to us and we can help you in finding a great composer for your project.

Members range from students and beginners all the way through to professional and even award-winning composers, with everything in between. A supportive and creative community, The Cue Tube is a great place for anyone passionate about music for media.

We also offer partnerships with Universities, conservatoires, schools and other institutions to work out ways for their students to access our resources for free, so let us know if we can help with that.

Feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions, ideas, feedback or indeed, just to say hi!

We hope you enjoy our community and resources!

Bryan Waters
June 2023
Carlisle, UK


What next? Some suggestions for newcomers:

  • Get access to our library of un-scored videos across genres for rescoring practice and building a portfolio. Genres and styles include animation, live action, horror, comedy, corporate/advertising, gaming and more. We gave science fiction, pirates, penguins, murder and more!  We offer a range of membership packages to give heavily discounted access to pretty much everything we do!
  • Join us and get massively-discounted access to our resources and the chance to share your work with our community.
  • Join our Discord server, again for free, and start networking, communicating, learning and collaborating with members from our community of close to 14,000 composers.
  • You can also support us via one-off payments on PayPal. Thanks to all our supporters.




Each year we run our amazing Score Relief campaign, our free-to-enter film scoring competition with a heart. During the campaign the community comes together to celebrate creativity while contributing to real change.

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