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A global community of 14,000 composers and sound designers for film, TV and game music, The Cue Tube is fast becoming THE PLACE to develop creatively and professionally, and for filmmakers and game developers to find composers and sound designers. We’re also developing our own short films for composers!

Start using our resources today for education, for practice/experimentation and develop an attention-grabbing showreel.  Network with fellow creatives around the world.

Become a member for as little as £1 to receive HUGE discounts on our resources.  We’d be delighted to have you in our community!

Bryan Waters, founder of The Cue Tube

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The film scoring contest with a heart

Each year we run our amazing Score Relief campaign when the community comes together to celebrate creativity while contributing to real change.

Score Relief is our FREE film scoring contest, open to all, running in parallel with a fundraiser for our charity partner. Our winners have the chance to get their music, a score to a short animation, performed and recorded by a live orchestra.

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The Cue Tube has created arguably the world’s best library of legal, un-scored videos for composers and sound designers to use.

Our clips cover a range of genres and styles, including animation, live action, documentary and more.  Assets alongside the videos include demo tracks, walkthrough lessons of our process, sample spotting sheets, audio stem and MIDI packs…and much more.

SIGN UP for a membership package today, and get heavily discounted access to our library.  Resources include the full version of this horror/thriller clip. By becoming a member you also support the work of The Cue Tube and the entire community and help us provide more, and better, resources for all our members.




Connect with us and our 14,000-strong global community of composers and sound designers and other creatives on Discord. It’s a great place to share and get answers to questions on Score Relief 2022 as well as DAWs, plugins, libraries, orchestration and other aspects of media composition. We’ve created a tutorial run-through in case you’re new to Discord, like us!
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