Stunning full darkly humorous animated film from Blender Foundation, used as the basis for Score Relief 2022.   Licence:  .

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Full original 10-minute edit of this brilliant Blender Foundation animation.  An edit of Sprite Fright was the basis for Score Relief 2022 (see below for bonus content related to this), our second big film scoring contest.  The animation is a great foundation for creative experimentation with sound design and dramatic soundscapes. Provided, un-scored, for sound designers and media composers to use for practice, education coursework and to build a portfolio.

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Includes the un-scored HD video with original sound.  Music removed for sound designers and composers to create their own re-imagining.

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  • See hundreds of re-scores, from our Score Relief contest, by other composers from around the world, here
  • See the winning DAW mockup from Score Relief 2022, alongside the score performed and recorded by a professional film orchestra here

The use of the stems is allowed to create a version of Sprite Fright with alternative music, voices or sound effects (or any combination). When doing so, prepend a slide at the beginning of the film clearly stating what has been changed. For example: “Sprite Fright rescore by .” or “Sprite Fright SFX design by ” and then append the copyright note for the stems you use.  Attribution details are included in a text file in the download.

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