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Access to our library of HD un-scored videos for composers and sound designers



As a STARTER member, you will get a full 100% discount on all our Starter bundles for media composers and sound designers.  Our Starter bundles consist of un-scored HD video clips for use in your practice, coursework and portfolio/showreel building.  Many of the bundles include separate audio files for voice and SFX, as well as a director’s temp track and an original demo score by The Cue Tube by a professional composer as an illustration of how the clip could be approached.  The temp track is generally the track that we used during the creation of the clip, which can also be a useful and inspiring reference for newcomers to the world of media composition.

Each month we will do a livestream review on YouTube of compositions submitted by members for new clips.

You might want to consider upgrading to our Premium or Pro tiers.  These include powerful skill-development assets like spotting sheets, which are an industry tool generally created by/with the director to indicate what they would like.  Our spotting sheets enable you to practice composing to a brief which is an under-rated but VITAL part of the composer’s skillset.  Other bonus assets can include a video walkthrough of how our demo track was created, a pack of audio stems, MIDI files and Logic Pro files for a deep dive into our demo score.

Show the world what you can do with our un-scored professional clips covering a wide spectrum of genres!

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