If you're a filmmaker, game producer or need for music for any project, we have something for you!


If you're a filmmaker, animator, game producer, or simply someone who needs original music for any project, we can help.

Our community of composers showcase examples of their talent here, with original demo scores for our library of videos. You can search our community using genre, keywords, style, date and other criteria, to find a composer who suits your project.

You can also run virtual auditions here, posting a clip for composers to propose music for, enabling you to find and choose the most suitable composer for your project and we can help you to promote that to get active contributions from the community


If you're an independent filmmaker or student, we can get great exposure for your talent and help you network with people who are already active in the industry - many of our community are well connected, experienced, engaged in real projects and some have even won awards for their work. Talk to us about how we can help you grow your profile and network in exchange for your valuable support with our video library.

Best of all - everything's free to use!