If you're a composer, this is a great place to find videos to work with, create a profile, engage with others and get your music heard!


This is the place for composers who want to improve and showcase what they can do. Our library of videos are great for practice, improving, testing yourself, trying out new sound libraries and learning. When you've created examples that you want to share, you can upload your scored video samples here and share them with the community and get found by people looking for composers or collaborators. Engage with the community and inspire and educate each other.


If you have examples of your work which use video which didn't come from here, you can also share these, as long as there are no issues with copyright/ownership of the video. We'd love to see what you have done!

Of course, our site and the videos, particularly advertising and documentary videos, could be used by voiceover artists to showcase their talents too.

Best of all - everything's free to use!